Brian Parfett, Michael Overmeyer,
Andrew Patterson

The Birthday Paradox video (mp4)

First Prize: $1000
Danielle Dimock, Brennan Wilson
Counting Techniques (lottery, dice games, Birthday Problem)
video (mp4)

Second Prize: $700
Craven Huynh, James Su, Kelvin Yang
Conditional Probability (Bayes' Theorem, Monty Hall Problem)
video (mp4)

Third Prize: $500
Rishi Gupta, Alvin Au, Kevin Chung
Expected Value video (mp4)

Fourth Prize: $300
Choong Zhe Ren, Lim Chong Sheng,
Thomas Yow Sheng

Normal Distribution (approx, mean, var and CLT)
video (mp4, ogv)

Fourth Prize: $300